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British made Ozone Generators, Ozonated Oils, Ozonated Creams, MRSA Eradication and more…

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Eradicating MRSA from patients and their environments through a variety of methinds and treatments.

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Activated Oxygen Ltd manufacture the highest grade Ozonated Oils Ozonated creams - NEW PRODUCT.

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British made Medical Grade Ozone Generators, manufactured and serviced by Activated Oxygen Ltd.

Our Products and Services

Activated Oxygen Ltd (AO Ltd) are industry leading experts in the field of Ozone.  We have been utilising the remarkable health benefits of Ozone for over twenty years with amazing results.  Activated Oxygen Ltd  (AO Ltd) offer the following products and services:

Medical Grade Ozone machines manufactured by AO Ltd (British made)

Ozonated Oils

Ozonated Creams - NEW

MRSA Eradication

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